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Coaching and Consultancy

Whether you’re looking for the guidance to structure your first deal, or to increase your cash flow from your existing investments, working with an expert can help you take the steps needed to meet your goals.

Do you keep asking yourself the same questions?

How do I get started in real estate – and where should I start?

I’m not rich.. can I become a real estate investor?

How can I use Real Estate Investment to secure a comfortable life for me and my family?

How can I protect myself from investment risks?

Let your investments take flight


New to real estate investment? Have years of experience? Do you simply want to maximize your profits, leaving you more time to do other things? Wherever you are on your real estate investing journey, we can meet you there. Working with a coach may just be the key to helping you push through to that next level or get past any barriers you might be facing.

Aliferous offers a variety of real estate investment coaching and consultancy packages, through a bespoke program to fit your needs as you grow. We can also help you build your network of necessary professionals including accountants, realtors, lawyers, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers and more.

Ottawa real estate coaching

Tailored to your needs

We offer beginner coaching, and coaching for more advanced investments such as multi-family properties, commercial real estate and private lending. We will guide you through the process of making your goals a reality, there with you along every step of the way. We can even get involved in the deal discussions – especially where there are complexities.

Whether you’re interested in coaching services or general real estate investment consultancy services, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. We offer a complete bespoke package for our ambitious clientele. In order to offer this customized service, we engage a limited number of clients.

Reach out to learn more about getting started with coaching.

Christian Szpilfogel

Our Mentor

Meet Christian Szpilfogel

Christian Szpilfogel is an experienced real estate investor and entrepreneur. With a background in various executive positions in both private and public technology corporations, Christian shifted focus to a new venture through investments in real-estate and tech start-ups. Over the years he has proven to be a thriving real estate investor with holdings in multi-unit residential and commercial properties.

Christian is currently serving as the Chief Investment Officer of The Aliferous Group. When he noticed an evident gap in real estate investment education, he decided to share his expertise – and today, he offers coaching and consultancy services to real estate investors. Learning from his own prosperity, he believes in giving back to the community by spreading his knowledge and helping others develop their own personal wealth-strategy to success.

Why Work With a Coach?

  • Learn the tools that investors use to create winning deals and business cases
  • Get guidance to help you choose your initial investment path
  • How to generate new value (and wealth) through concepts such as Highest and Best Use (HABU) and Animation
  • Release limiting beliefs, helping you to remove artificial barriers
  • Negotiations, Offering and Closing strategies
  • Learn how to effectively assess markets and analyze a deal with confidence
  • Get a custom-tailored approach to your own personal, real-life situation and un-leveraged assets
  • Learn how to structure your investment business including strategic planning, risk management, and corporate structure
  • How to effectively manage your buildings and tenants including compliance with local laws and ethical practices
  • Build your network of necessary professionals to be successful in real estate investing

In Our Client’s Words…

Christian’s analytical mind, his ability to see complex underlying layers and yet explain everything in plain language. He loves and understands data — having an IT background is tremendously helpful with market and deal analyses and with the choice of various automation tools, systems, techniques and technology that help him to run his business, as it will help you to run yours.


With Christian’s deep approach to the subject and his high ethical standards, he is well known and well respected in the REI community and far beyond. Those were the reasons why I chose him to be my coach and I was not disappointed.


A dedicated coach can give you back your time and money that you would spend making mistakes and looking for the answers yourself.  I highly recommend Christian as your real estate coach. It was a privilege to be his student.

– Larisa Baturina
IT software developer, Real Estate investor

We started our Real Estate journey about 5 years ago, and although we had already acquired our first properties, we were struggling with growing our portfolio and applying with confidence some of the many strategies available to Real Estate Investors. It didn’t take long after the beginning of the coaching program to identify the strategies that were best suited for us which led to the acquisitions of several properties.  But the real asset gained during our coaching was not the brick and mortar, but the ability to understand the business behind it.  


Christian must be the smartest person I have ever met.  Anyone who read a book can teach you how to do a BRRRR (buy/renovate/rent/refinance/repeat). But only a few can teach business sense, deal creativity or proper risk assessment.  We could write a book about how much we benefited from his coaching.  We will be forever grateful for all the knowledge he imparted on to us.  Thank you for taking us under your wing and trusting us.


– Marc of Assera Property Group


I have had the pleasure of being mentored by Christian over the past several months. Christian is undeniably an expert in his field with a profound knowledge of anything related to real estate investing. His knowledge and expertise is clearly visible not only to novice investors but also to more experienced ones. His knowledge of the current issues that affect real estate and his passion for problem solving is key for identifying appropriate strategies and bringing solutions to the table. He is also willing to share his experience with others, and his responsiveness is evident throughout each step of the way. He never stops encouraging and motivating his students to move forward despite the challenges that arise in the process and wants to see everyone who he mentors succeed and achieve their personal objectives. Chris helped me acquire an entirely different understanding of the intricacies of investing in real estate and helped me to become a more well rounded and confident investor.


If you want to learn more about RE investing and/or to expand your existing portfolio, Christian is your go-to mentor, I can’t recommend him enough!


– Alexei Baturin

1000%  Annual ROI.. This property was acquired under the shadow of  Master Christian Szpilfogel on MLS in Ottawa during the Summer months of 2020. This property had multiple exits, it could be a great Flip or BRRR for me. I chose to BRRR it. I bought it for $245000, Total capital invested $36000. After some TLC, the ARV of the property rose to $375,000.  NET profit equity 94000$, Which gave me a ROI of 166% and Annualized ROI of 1000%. It is currently rented out for 2000$ + Utilities and  it is producing cash flow of 400$ + Appreciation in the Market of Ottawa.”


– Harsch Sachar

We were extremely lucky to meet Christian in late 2019 at Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization (OREIO). Christian’s impressive track record in real estate investing and approachability drew our attention, so we exchanged a few emails. As his insights were very valuable, we asked him if he was willing to formally mentor us once a week.

Prior to our sessions with Christian, we had taken several real estate courses, only invested in duplexes and triplexes, and wanted to progress into multi-family real estate investing (5+). Throughout the mentorship period, we keenly waited every week for our session to hear Christian’s thoughts on potential investment opportunities. The meticulousness, resourcefulness, professionalism, and conservatism with which Christian approached each of these opportunities taught us a lot and helped us develop our own investing strategy with numerous lessons and tips learned.

Thanks to Christian, we were able to close on our first multi-family deal in December 2020, and we feel today so much more empowered to continue our journey in multi-family real estate investing. Looking back, we consider our weekly sessions with Christian a lifetime investment with infinite returns, and we highly recommend it to any aspiring real estate investor.


– Elie, Hikmat and Jad

Christian’s innate curiosity and strong aptitude for financial analysis make him an outstanding coach, partner and investor. He has a rare gift for evaluating an investment opportunity, determining the best possible outcome and quickly taking action to maximise returns for each dollar invested in a project.  Christian’s expertise, determination and high level of integrity make working with him an easy choice for people who want to grow their real estate portfolio quickly or get into commercial and development opportunities.


– Elizabeth, EK Consulting

Work With The Right Coach for Your Needs

Aliferous & Beyond

Growing your net worth starts with your network. We work with other coaches and consultants that have a variety of specializations within the Real Estate industry to be able to offer you the absolute best solution for your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure you’re paired with the right coach or consultant, even if that sometimes means tapping outside of The Aliferous Group.

Your progress is our priority.

Christian Szpilfogel

Real Estate Investment Coach, Business and Technology Strategist

While Christian has a breadth of experience in a variety of investment models, his specialty is in commercial and multi-family investing. He teaches business case analysis, financial analysis, and real estate investment fundamentals. Analytical by nature, Christian’s approach to investing is data-driven, with a focus on real estate investment strategy and evidence-backed decision making. If you want to understand the “why” behind investment strategies, Christian is the coach for you.

Bruce M Firestone, B Eng (civil), M Eng-Sci, PhD

Real Estate Investment & Business coach,
Ottawa Senators founder

Learn how to build an above average performing real estate portfolio that will provide for you and your family for 3-generations.

Bruce is not only a well-known, respected and creative real estate investment and business coach and broker with a PhD in Urban Economics, he is also a successful real estate developer/investor in his own right with a track record that includes development of more than 1,200 homes, dozens of office buildings, retirement residences, a 20,000-seat arena, multi residential buildings, industrial condos and shopping plazas as well as numerous renovations and even construction and servicing of whole subdivisions. Your properties will gain new vitality through a process Prof Bruce calls “animation.” That is, he teaches you how to add new revenue streams to new and existing properties of all types. Bruce has assisted over 2,500 real estate investors, developers and business startups in his coaching career.

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Elizabeth Kelly

Real Estate Investment Consultant, EK Consulting

An experienced real estate investor for more than 15 years, Elizabeth Kelly has a passion for helping people achieve their financial dreams through the purchase of investment properties. Elizabeth specializes in the acquisition and management of Rent to Own and multi-unit residential properties. Elizabeth opened EK Consulting and Coaching to assist both new and experienced investors plan, structure and creatively finance their real estate portfolio so they can enjoy early retirement and leave a legacy for their families.

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