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Aliferous Group provides solutions for tenants looking for a rental they love, and for investors looking to grow their real estate and learn to be better landlords and investors.

Your Next Rental with Aliferous

We pride ourselves on the quality of our rentals and our responsive property management. Our buildings have been renovated with modern finishings and unique design details and our tenants also have access to an online portal for their convenience.

With Aliferous, you’re sure to find your new home – whether for yourself or for your business.

Our Commitment to Ethical Real Estate Investing

At the core of our business is the belief that real estate investment should be done ethically, with honesty and transparency.

We respect our tenant’s rights to reasonable enjoyment and their privacy. We also have a deep knowledge of relevant tenant laws and work within them to ensure compliance and protection of tenant rights.
We pride ourselves on investing with integrity. That’s why we only invest in projects that take an ethical stance – leaning toward ventures that benefit our community. Through our coaching and consultancy, we work with both beginner and advanced investors to educate on the most ethical practices for real estate investment.

Our moral guidelines are unwavering, and we put people first.

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